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Departments / Programmes Telephone No. Email Address
MSc(Eng) in Building Services Engineering 3917 2630 enrol_bse@mail.engineering.hku.hk
MSc(Eng) in Mechanical Engineering 3917 2630 enrol_me@mail.engineering.hku.hk
MSc(Eng) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 3917 2708 msceng@eee.hku.hk
MSc(Eng) in Energy Engineering
MSc(Eng) in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management 3917 2551 enrol_imse@mail.engineering.hku.hk
MSc(Eng) in Environmental Engineering 2241 5532 enrol_civil@mail.engineering.hku.hk
MSc(Eng) in Geotechnical Engineering
MSc(Eng) in Infrastructure Project Management
MSc(Eng) in Structural Engineering
MSc(Eng) in Transportation Engineering
MSc(CompSc) 3917 1828 msccs@cs.hku.hk
MSc(ECom&IComp) msc@ecom-icom.hku.hk
MSc(FTDA) mscftda@cs.hku.hk
Faculty of Engineering 3917 2803 enrol_fac@mail.engineering.hku.hk

Information on System Maintenance
Please note that regular system maintenance is from 1:00pm - 2:00pm every Wednesday. The online enrolment system service may not be available during that period. Also, if there is any critical security update that are needed to be installed, the system may be taken down for patch installation without prior notice. Critical security update is usually required on the Wednesday after the second Tuesday of each month.